Flying Towards the Future


Ring in the New Year

After an amazing Golden Year, Cayman Airways is kicking off 2019 with exciting new developments.

After 50 years of service, Cayman Airways commemorated its Golden Year anniversary in 2018 with fond memories, exciting promotions and celebrations, as well as big plans for the future.

Throughout last year, we rolled out many unique promotions for our loyal customers, including monthly 50% Bonus Miles for passengers who travelled to specific destinations each month. Our community initiatives included district activations and promotions in partnership with the Celebrate Cayman office, which is commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Cayman Islands Coat of Arms, an emblem that is emblazoned on the tail of all our aircraft.

We also proudly unveiled a dynamic new exhibit at the National Museum of the Cayman Islands called “Cayman Airways: Celebrating five decades of connecting the Cayman Islands to the world.” In addition to a journey through the aviation history of the Cayman Islands, which includes the birth and growth of Cayman Airways, the exhibit features historic artefacts, aircraft models and sections with audio-visual and virtual reality features. It is a must-see!

In December, we introduced our first brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft to the Cayman Airways jet fleet as part of our Fleet Modernization Plan, which will see our entire fleet of 737-300 aircraft replaced with MAX 8s by 2020, offering our customers enhanced reliability with unprecedented levels of comfort.

We are excited about the extended range and increased payload that this new aircraft type offers, as it opens up the potential for nonstop flights to and from destinations that were not previously accessible with our Boeing 737-300 fleet. For example, beginning in March 2019, we will launch nonstop flights between Grand Cayman and Denver, Colorado, made possible only with our new state-of-the-art MAX 8. We are eagerly looking forward to accepting our second 737 MAX 8 in February 2019, and a third 737 MAX 8 in September of 2019. Upon completion of our Fleet Modernization Plan in 2020, Cayman Airways will have the newest jet fleet in the region.

Whilst we celebrate the accomplishments of 2018, we are confident that 2019 will bring continued growth and development for our national airline. Cayman Airways’ strategic role as a lever for tourism and economic growth is one that we take very seriously as we work diligently to ensure that the Cayman Islands gets the best possible return on investment. It has taken a tremendous effort to turn our big dreams into reality, but we have done so with the hard work of a skilled and dedicated family of more than 400 employees executing the airline’s vision and mission.

At Cayman Airways, we believe that flying should be as enjoyable as possible for our passengers, so we remain dedicated to providing excellent value for money, delivering unique travel experiences and serving up true Caymanian hospitality. Our complimentary inflight Seven Fathoms Rum Punch is an example of this commitment, and it reminds us all that Caymankindness is so much more than a national slogan — for Cayman Airways and its family of employees, it’s a way of life. As our old company slogan goes, “We Go The Extra Smile,” which was the foundation for our current slogan, “Those Who Fly Us, Love Us.”

On behalf of the entire Cayman Airways family, thank you for flying with us today; and I wish you all the best for the year ahead.


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Fabian Whorms
President & CEO, Cayman Airways Ltd.