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Team Re-Tyre and CAL Make History for Junior Achievement Cayman Islands

Cayman Airways Limited (CAL) is greatly involved in the Cayman community through Junior Achievement (JA), an international programme that focuses on preparing our youth to succeed in a global economy. Allowing students between the ages of 15 – 18 to work closely with different companies, the programme encourages them to start a company, create a product and run the company with the guidance of their advisors.

In 2018, Cayman Airways was the proud sponsor of JA company Re-Tyre, an eco-friendly company run by 13 students from different schools. After an intricate process of selecting what product they would work with, the team unanimously agreed on recycling used tires to make pet beds and planters, adding on pet toys as a side product. The tires were collected  from local tire shops, hand washed and then painted.

At the JA Awards Banquet, Team Re-Tyre stole the spotlight by winning nine awards: Company of the Year, Product of the Year, NGL Award, HR, Most Promising Male and Female awards, VP Finance, VP Marketing and the Pat Randal Award.

But history was made when Team Re-Tyre travelled to Lima, Peru, on November 24, 2018, to compete for JA Company of the Year on an international stage. Pitted against strong teams from Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, Samruddhi Tagalpallewar, Sharon Roy, Martina Watler, Alexx Watler and Carlyah Santo — accompanied by Marzetta Bodden and Lead Advisor C. Joann West — participated in interviews, presentations, workshops and demonstrations and won the prestigious top prize. It was the first time any Cayman Junior Achievement team garnered first place in the competition.

“The entire team has made Cayman Airways very proud,”exclaimed West. “They worked hard from the start and their accomplishments show. They were very determined to win at home and overseas!”