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Cayman Airways’ 50th Anniversary Logo Flying High


The entire Cayman Airways fleet got some extra-special branding recently with a vibrant new 50th anniversary logo, as the airline gears up to celebrate this achievement in August.

“We’re very excited to see all of our aircraft flying this commemorative logo for such a historic milestone,” said Cayman Airways President and CEO, Fabian Whorms. “It’s a very proud occasion, not only for all of us at Cayman Airways, but also for the Cayman Islands overall.”

The 50th anniversary logo was designed by Cayman Airways’ Creative Services and Product Development Manager, Charles Gilman, who said the logo was inspired by the stars prominently featured in the Cayman Islands Coat of Arms, which is emblazoned on the tail of each aircraft.

“The green ‘50’ is embellished in golden accents, exemplifying the pride that Cayman’s residents feel for their National Airline, as well as representing the traditional gold colour typically used to mark 50th anniversaries,” he explained. “The logo incorporates the fleet’s most state-of-the-art aircraft — the Boeing 737-800 — in a transcendent state, creating an optical illusion of the plane appearing to fly both away from and toward the viewer, which is metaphoric of CAL’s anniversary as we reverently reflect on the airline’s past whilst projecting forward into a bright future.”

Mr. Gilman said the design and approval process for the logo took several months, including input from the airline’s Executive Management Team and Board of Directors.

The Cayman Airways fleet currently consists of three Boeing 737-300 aircraft, one Boeing 737-800, two Saab 340B+ and two Twin Otters.