Welcome to the Cayman Islands You are here at an exciting time.

WHILE WE ENJOY PRACTICALLY PERFECT weather year-round, March and April are months filled with lots of activities and bright colours, from the tents of all shapes and sizes lining our beaches for Easter campers to the fanciful kites dancing in the wind at the Kaibo Kitefest competition.

Easter is one of the most religious holidays and Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays. This is a time when families not only attend church, but also devote the long weekend to camping on beaches all over the Cayman Islands. It’s a great time for families and friends to get together and reminisce about simpler times gone by as well as enjoy Cayman’s natural beauty. Children and adults alike spend the long weekend swimming, fishing, playing games, cooking out and generally having a good time.

This year the long Easter weekend is from Friday, 14 April, to Monday, 17 April.

And it is on Easter Monday that you will find the colourful kitefest at Kaibo near Rum Point on Grand Cayman. Be sure to take the family and revel in kite flying competitions, live music and much more. You can get there by car or boat.

Vibrant colours continue to awe and inspire in April with the Batabano Carnival Junior Parade later in April on the 29th.

The true colour and jewels of our three Islands is our people. The Cayman people are kind, giving and passionate. Seek them out. You will have a happier visit and make many wonderful memories.

I hope you get an opportunity to see and explore Cayman Brac and Little Cayman while you are here. Both offer their own unique experiences, whether it’s spelunking in one of the many caves found on the Brac or diving off the shores of Little Cayman.

Be sure to explore the land and the water — both above and below — on all three Islands.

Before you leave, make sure you take your taste buds on a culinary adventure, from local fare to fine dining in one of our many top-star restaurants. There is a reason the Cayman Islands is known the world over as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. We have several top-star and award-winning restaurants; many in which world-renowned chefs have taken our local cuisine to new heights, marrying and infusing foods with flavours carefully picked from the world over. All three Islands boast of wonderful chefs who would delight in helping you realise your desire for some exquisite cuisine.

Whether you are here as a visitor or to work, I invite you to embrace the entire Cayman Islands experience. You will only then begin to understand why we say we are an island in the Caribbean Sea instead of just another Caribbean Island.

I truly believe that your stay with us is going to be nothing less than magnificent. Please, enjoy your stay and once again, I welcome you to the Cayman Islands.


The Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP, MLA
Premier of the Cayman Islands